About Tan Toan Phat

TTP POTTERY, a third generation Company, has been manufacturing pottery for more than 65 years in Vietnam. Our collection consists of glazed, atlantis, sandblast, rustic/black clay, and terracotta. All are suitatble for indoor and outdoor use.


In 2016, we expanded our business into light weight pottery using various materials: poly fiber stone, fiber clay, terrazzo, and fiber cement for home and garden.


Our prices are very competitive. In addition, stable quality and high assurance are also strong points. We know that time is money, thus on time delivery is one of our concerns to increase prestige to customer. As the result, TTP POTTERY has been well known and had more and more customers from different markets in the World.


Inheriting experiences from predecessors, we have a deep knowledge and wide experience in producing ceramic products. Moreover, we also have abilities to create wide ranges of diversity of skillful products.


We have updated and developed new technology and modern methods for ceramic production. Thus, our products have always satisfied customers’ demands from different markets in the World. Our company has 285 workers and a strong R&D team. We always provide our customers the latest designs and materials which are popular in your markets.


Ly Ngoc Chau



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